We want to thank our team and organization sponsors for their support and generosity. Please consider visiting these wonderful businesses!

Rotary Club of Bedford MA USA

Thank you to the Rotary Club who donated a grant to Bedford MADI that will be used towards registration fees.

Ginger Restaurant, Bedford MA

Ginger hosted a fundraiser on April 23rd at their restaurant at 88 Great Rd., Bedford MA, and donated a portion of proceeds to Bedford MADI. We are so grateful for their support.

Bedford Orthodontics

Dr. Hesby and his team not only work on half of the team's smiles, but have donated to our team's quest for Destination Imagination. Thank you for your generosity, Dr. Hesby! You're the best!

Bedford MSPA

Bedford MSPA helps the students, teachers and faculty at our school with funding, supporting and volunteering. They have awarded us a grant to finance the transport our props to Kansas City on the Massachusetts DI prop truck! Thank you for encouraging STEAM, innovation, extracurricular activities in JGMS students!

AFC Urgent Care, Bedford

The Skittleworms solved the Medical Mystery challenge this year. If you have your own Medical Mystery, we recommend heading to AFC Urgent Care to get it checked out! Our families are grateful for the quick and easy appointments and for their sponsorship!

Chestnut Dental

Chestnut Dental provides orthodontic and dental care to some of our team members and their families (toddlers through adults). Everyone who has gone there has been happy with the service! They have donated to our Global Final registration costs. We are so grateful for what they've added to our smiles!

Callahan's Karate

Callahan's Karate is another program that teaches kids about discipline, teamwork, self-confidence, resilience and community! They have donated to the Bedford Destination Imagination Global Finals trip and mean a lot to some of our DI families! Thank you, Callahan's!

Suzanne & Co.

Suzanne & Co. must be the most generous fantastic local business in existence. We are so grateful for all that they do and give to so many organizations in our town. If you need real estate assistance, definitely check out Suzanne & Co.  They give back and make Bedford a better place.

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Chipotle Mexican Grill held a restaurant fundraising night for Bedford Destination Imagination! A fitting sponsor for the Skittleworms - our third grade solution featured a rotating tree portal where apples transformed into burritos! Also we really love tacos.

Maddie McAllister

Maddie is the super talented Bedford High School student who helped design our shirts! Isn't she awesome?! We think so!

Ken's NY Deli, Bedford MA

Ken's NY Deli, located at 72 Great Rd., Bedford, MA, has supported the Skittleworms through their consistent kindness for the past two seasons. They are so kind and welcoming to our team! Thank you!

Big Nazo

Big Nazo a team of artists and designers who donated materials to another Bedford DI team. We used their scraps in our solution! Their workshop in Providence is open to the public. If you are ever in the neighborhood, check them out.

Become a Sponsor!

Want to see your company logo here? Become a Skittleworm sponsor!

Become a Sponsor!

Want to see your company logo here? Become a Skittleworm sponsor!

Become a Sponsor!

Want to see your company logo here? Become a Skittleworm sponsor!